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Mad Max: Fury Road is still my favorite movie of 2015 and there are a lot of reasons for it. There's Tom Hardy saying absolutely nothing but still being scary, there's the feminist undertones, and there's the weird looking cars. But there's no denying that there's something else about this movie that's so alluring.
And it's the technical side of the film. Vashi Nedomansky made a video a couple months back about how Mad Max was shot and why it was one of the most visually appealing movies to have come out last summer.
The video is around 95 seconds long but it explains a lot about the film and it's cinematography. In every frame of the film, you can see that all of the action takes place at the center of the frame. Even when the action cuts from scene to scene. And I think we could all agree that this film is edited much differently than most action movies because of this.
Even though there's a lot of visual information passing by us while we're watching the film. We can still understand everything that's going on when the scene cuts to the next sequence of clips. We never have to dart our eyes back and forth across the screen in order to fully understand what's happening visually. It gives the film a sense of visual storytelling, something that most films today don't have.