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@JiyongLeo is an evil lady. She thought I needed another bias in my life so she introduced me to Ravi and now I'm hooked.
...Like I needed another bias.
It took one look and I was hooked. Seriously. Look at him. Isn't he delicious?
He's sexy. He smolders. ...He looks cold in that tub... I should join him... just to keep him warm...
Yes, you did see those abs correctly. I want them... to wash my laundry on, of course.
He's so cute, I just want to squeeze him... oh man, that last gif... I may have just died.
Yep. I definitely died. Someone please make arrangements for my funeral.
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@vluong2012 and YAAAAAAS HAKYEON FAN
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@TerraToyaSi But N is my... *stares at pictures* *is a puddle too* N is still my bias for this group but Leo and Ravi have been putting up a serious fight over the bias wrecker position, lol.
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*is a puddle* Also @Viresse Be a puddle with me.
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just stop he's creeping up my vixx Bias list...he will not over take my Leo...Ravi we have had this discussion like please stop being so sexy talented and cute. stay in your lane sir.
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