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Valentines Day gets a pretty bad rap. Maybe it because of all the cheesy gifts; flowers (always red roses), chocolate hearts, and heart shaped jewelry that gets kind of old. So this Valentines Day make it fun by giving your bae an experience, not just a basic material gift.

1. Create a cute picnic!

I'm 23 years old and have NEVER been on a picnic, but I have a feeling it would be ADORABLE! Even if you are currently in the middle of winter, set up a cute blanket on your floor and pack cute sandwiches and champagne and strawberries. Breaking the norm is what Valentines is all about and a picnic is totally out of the norm.

2. Go to a show!

And I don't just mean a movie. Look for a broadway show if you live in NYC or find a way off off off (in another state) broadway play! Going to any theater that doesn't involve a huge blockbuster and expensive popcorn will make you feel fancy and special for the night.

3. Have a cooking show down at home!

Short on cash, make Valentines dinner a challenge by having a cook off!! Eat your heart out on two fancy meals and judge who is the master chef of the relationship. What the winner gets is totally your business but I'm sure you can be creative.

4. Enjoy a strictly dessert day.

Okay so some part of the basic Valentines day really can't be improved on aka THE SWEETS! Rather then do the typical dinner dessert blah blah blah stick with strictly the god stuff.....Chocolate. Go from place to place to hit all your favorite sweet cravings and indulge.

5. Get a little frisky with a drink challenge.

Spice up the day of love with some good ol fashion DRINKSSSS! Go out to a cocktail bar and try everything tasty on the menu while getting a good buzz and snacking on light cheeses and fruits. What better way to get though all the icky romance then by getting drunk!?

But most of all, just remember to tell your person that you love them, because thats all that really matters!

I like going on adventures that don't cost anything, like a hike through a forest or walking around an island for the day. But cooking together sounds fun!
@nicolejb in the city there is a place that SPECIALIZES IN CHOCOLATE DESSERTS
<3 that is all that really matters! thanks for the reminder. Also, WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF DESSERT DAY
I love outdoor adventures too :) @BeannachtOraibh
Dude in my college town they had this place called the chocolate cafe that me and my roommate discovered. After every finals week we would just split a giant cake together. it was amazing @LizArnone