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In this video Americans react to BTS and EXO music videos and I gotta say.... I had some of the same reactions when I first came to Kpop. Especially the EXO reactions!
This is priceless! I know when I first saw EXO I was like "WHOA! How many of them are there!". Back then there where more though (but we aren't gonna go down that very sad path). I also distinctly remember saying "Hmmm, BTS huh? Y'all are gangsta! I like y'all!". Thus the crazy fangirl was born.
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OMG I actually watched this yesterday because I was bored. XD what are the odds that I would find it on here lol
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I watched yesterday too! @katcollins02 that's why I shared it 馃槏
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Hahahaha @ashleyemmert I can't even get my coworkers to listen to kpop I just put my headphones on. But I'll be watching my shows during my break and then they'll want me to explain the plot to them.
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@emhoover1993 lol all my coworkers know and they ask me about it all the time I give them a "random Korean fact of the day" they seem to like it.
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@ashleyemmert I love all my coworkers they just love to tease me! But it's all in good fun. mostly I talk to my manager Katherine about the kdramas I'm watching because she likes to here and the stories.
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