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Recently @Allobaber asked GUYS to pick a first-date look that included makeup and an outfit. YOU HAVE TO SEE THE CARD HERE! Of course, I had to give my own mini discourse of what I preferred, not sticking to the actual poll itself. The results were kind of shocking!
NO SPOILER ALERTS HERE--you have to click on the card to see what MEN thought their ideal girl should look like. One of the options that @Allobaber mentioned was "Bright red lips and simple eye makeup a la Taylor Swift."
Is it coincidence? ONE OF THE HOTTEST EARLY 2016 makeup trends is the Candy Apple lip. Take a look at these images, which feature a variety of red lips to get the job done.
Designer: Topshop Unique
Designer: Oscar de la Renta
Photo: GETTY
Designer: Giles
Designer: Acne
Designer: Nina Ricci
Designer: Celine
Designer: DKNY
What do you ladies think? I say YES to this look, especially the look Nina Ricci look which is a plain simple face with ruby red non-matte finish lips.
There are three BRAND NEW MEN that need some convincing to join the Makeup Community: @invinsybll @chrisingularis @inplainsight. Be nice to them, they just need a small gentle urge to join (if they want to). Their opinions are actually very funny, informative and interesting.
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I love some dark lips. like a deep midnight purple. deep mysterious eyes but pop and are bold. with blood red hair with strips of sapphire and midnight
That's quite a combination @zwdodds 馃槂 I'd love to see a picture
Not a fan of the red. I prefer nude, shimmery colors, since I have big lips. If I wear dark colors on my lips, it makes them the focal point on my face, and I'd rather that be my eyes. I do agree with @zwdodds that these girls need to even it out with a little color or eyeliner.
you and I have the same taste @turtleyturtles
well its too bad cuz if u picky bout that good luck, being a girl I can say I love many colors and love my hair ^^