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I was tagged to do this scavenger, and .... I FINALLY GOT TO DO IT!! I'm hoping I did this right ... I was hunting, too!! So much fun!!
1. A picture or gif a member smelling, holding, or wearing a flower(s)
2. My favorite solo member video
3. A pic, gif or video of them from Running Man
4. A pic of GD wearing a hat
5. A pic from SeungRi's 25th bday party
6. Something non-BIGBANG related that makes/reminds you of BIGBANG and why. Well, whenever I see more yellow/gold in the night sky it makes me think of VIPs at concert, and the phone is a Lollipop android (reminds me of Lollipop & Lollipop Pt 2), and lastly, I loved this drama, but now I think of their parody :D
7. BIGBANG nail art
8. A gif or video of DaeSung laughing
9. A pic of any member wearing a mullet
10. A pic of T.O.P with mint hair
11. A gif or video of all 5 members getting ready backstage
12. A pic or gif of TaeYang with a child/baby
Wow! You already finished your card!!!! That's so cool!! And you're card is really good!! Nice job!!!!!
Thanks, @Helix :D I tried hard, and can't wait to do another one
Perfect, great job!