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Day 22 A song I listen to when I'm sad- Norah Jones Happy Pill

when I'm sad I like sad, bluesy songs. But this song has really become my go to

Day 23 A song I want played at wedding - Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlisle

That is if I take the plunge and it's the song I want to dance with to my father.

Day 24 A song to play at my funeral...White and Nerdy Weird AL Yankovic

I bet you are wondering...I want people to laugh and celebrate my life not mourn or cry. so yeah I hope they jam out to this and dance and laugh and just remember me.

Day 25 A song that makes me laugh Lu- Luhan

it makes me laugh but also really makes me happy and want to dance

Day 26 a song you can play on instrument...Hot cross Buns

I don't play an instrument unless you count the recorder....bahaha so yea I can play that

Day 27 A song that I wish I could play Beautiful Liar - LR sub unit of vixx

I want to learn thus on the piano. but i must learn the piano first

Day 28 A song that makes me feel guilty- Sorrow Flyleaf

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LOL Hot Cross Buns for the win. That answer made me laugh out loud. I heard Lu is actually a pretty ridiculous song. I AM GOING TO LISTEN TO IT RIGHT NOW.
2 years ago·Reply
...............And now I'm unsure how to feel.
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee I love it but then I just can't lol
2 years ago·Reply
She's my go-to on rainy days @InPlainSight @VeronicaArtino :)
2 years ago·Reply