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As Trump continues to make this upcoming election a circus, his latest act involves SKIPPING the next GOP debate which will happen in Iowa this Thursday. I guess his feud with Fox News has hit a breaking point since they are the reason he will not participate.
Apparently, Fox anchor Megyn Kelly treated him "unfairly" during the August debate (aka she asked him difficult questions), so now he is boycotting her.
Sooooooooooo......does Trump believe that the leaders of other nations would treat him "fairly" if he becomes President? Lets be real for a second, just because something isn't going his way or someone asks him a question he doesn't like, he doesn't get to just refuse to participate.
Thats a recipe for a fucking terrible (and non existent) foreign policy.
Put your big boy pants on Trump and stop being such a little bitch. If I remember correctly, you said some pretty horrific and sexist remarks to Megyn last time you faced her, yet she doesn't seem scared to battle you again.

If you are running from an American news journalist, how can you ever think you have the ability to run this country?

Oh yeah thats don't.
Love it @lizarnone Putin took my toy!!!
I know right. Well, he lost in the caucuses so there's that.
@InPlainSight right like this is redic and totally childish of a possible (unfortunately) PRESIDENT
@lizarnone Be thankful that he is bringing up issues that are usually not discussed in the political arena of electing a President. Many issues are kept behind closed doors and the American people are in the dark about how our country works. Now people must investigate both sides of the issues and had a chance to make decision about who they want to vote. We have not had such an exciting election since Kennedy.