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Sorry NAKAMA. This is my next giveaway. TERRA FORMARS vol 10. Just released!! I know I had the vote and the winner was FAIRY TAIL!! so as promised that will be my Next goveaway next month or shortly after!! and that's my NAKAMA PROMISE!! As usual I am going to give it "for free" haha of course hence give away. As well as mail it to the winner of my fun competitions. Competition question!!??!!??😜 Who can guess the current (amazing) anime I'm currently watching?? Don't worry if I finish this one and start another I'm going with the anime watching as of today, right now!! So it won't be too tricky. Only hint, I've already seen it before. Haha sorry not much help but I'm sure someone will guess it and if not I will throw out a hint after a day or 2 that will give everyone a better chance!! ONLY 1 GUESS PER PERSON. ID YOU GUESS MORE THAN ONCE YOUR FIRST GUESS WILL BE THE ONE PICKED. First person right will win this copy. MANGA GIVEAWAY NAKAMA TO TAG!! @LeviHouse @koifries @Miracto @KarinaRaygoza @KarinaRaygoza @NinjaMouse @LuffyNewman @Gladness @PASCUASIO @KittyCommittee @hermoineNH1 @WilliamHutson @sanRico @CaitlinDavis @koifries @MarthaCastaneda @InVinsybll @JakeErter @NikolasSatterwh @Dabaesaplayer @mcbubbles @Juju91934 @jazminramirez9 @Maddie27 @Kellyjelly @KrisleeSantiago @YiselRamos @NerukaWong @derw4367 @Animefoxgirl97 @RinLightKirito @StephanieBecerr @AutumnAlford @Danse @sanRico @MarthaCastaneda @Moonpie15b @arnelli @BeannachtOraibh @turbidmocha @Sexyshirolover @AustinDiehl @Lucks @Thatperson512 @KellerBertrand @LoveGaara @tayhar18920 @LawlessEspada17 @tec96 @suzettecaramaya @youngshaddy687 @AllyAponte @halowoods1213 @pervysagex @lololauren15 @erebus9898 @jasminetimple @begone @Maddie27 @DereckTorres
@LawlessEspada17 sounds good NAKAMA!! I will def keep doing these giveaways hopefully every month I'll make sure to keep tagging you and everyone. Hopefully they'll keep getting bigger so I can do more! Anyways congrats again!!
@LuffyNewman Can't go wrong with that show! Anyway, I will message you a mailing address by tomorrow. Thanks again and keep these giveaways going!
I've finished watching my anime but looks like it was guessed pretty soon. A couple people guessed it but only your first guess can be counted for the rules to be fair. @Miracto you guessed it along with a handful of others haha but good job, unfortunately only your first counts. So @LawlessEspada17 is the official winner. I was watching HunterXHunter and just finished it and am onto my another re watch. So @LawlessEspada17 you'll have to send me a message of your address where you want me to ship it and I'll mail it out to ya. Congrats on the win NAKAMA!!!!
Naruto? Just putting this as a comment not to enter in this giveaway ...... @LuffyNewman thanks for tagging me! Can you tag me in the fairy tail one also please?
@tec96 Yeah, but I can't think of any other ones... I'll just list them out :3
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