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There are many factors that go into our decision on if someone else is confident or not. We pick up thousands of body signals that our brains then subconsciously translate into information about that person. And generally, this information is correct. At the same time that you are subconsciously analyzing someone, your body also gives off these cues. Sometimes they are habits that you have formed, and other times they are conscious actions. In this short course, Short Sweet Body Language, I will go over some of the habitats that may impact you negatively in the subconscious analytics of others. Per usual, I would like you to take a look at the picture above and answer this following question. Do they look like they are comfortable in there conversation, or are they just meeting? Correct! They are comfortable talking to eachother at this point. But how did you know this? Likelihood is, you just feel it. Unless you know what cues give you this "vibe", then it will remain as a feeling. So what is the specific cue here that lets us know they are comfortable? Look at the shoulders. Generally, conversations don't start with both upper bodies facing eachother. Instead they start facing away and gradually turn inward towards eachother as comfort and trust grow. If you are ever wondering how engaged someone is in the conversation, look at their shoulders. Their shoulders can also help you know where to lead the conversation to make it feel more comfortable and natural. There are many ways you can use this and I cannot explain them all in a card. But please feel free to comment or dm any questions or what ifs that you have.
@nicolejb actually yes. The hips matter a lot! But it isn't often that you will find see them contradicting the shoulders. And if they do, it's probably for comfort. However, hips facing toward you and shoulders away can mean that they are afraid of confrontation.
Very cool I always thought body language and reading the behavior of people is very interesting !! Thank you for this
oh cool! yeah, the hips and the shoulder tend to follow each other (it's just more comfortable like that). And oooooh confrontation (scandal!) @BrendanFred
Ohhhhh very cool! I can totally see why shoulder position matter. And is there a similar principle applied to hip movement, placement?
Thank you @AlloBaber , I am really interested in psychology and neuroscience. I have done some pretty extensive research on sociology as well.
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