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I recently saw a card on here that inspired me to write this card.
While I'm sure women of all ages and walks of life have long learned (or known), that the difference between men and boys comes down to respect, love, listening, and initiative, among a million other things, I am here to share a little-known secret to that QUESTION IN YOUR MIND: IS THIS RELATIONSHIP WORKING/GOING TO WORK/WORTH SAVING?
Here's what you do: You march into his apartment/house/cardboard hideout and head straight to the kitchen sink. What you find there is the answer to all you ever needed to know.


1. And there are dirty dishes piled all over--it's over. He can't even muscle some minor elbo grease to let the damn dishwasher do the hard part?!?!?!?! He's so done. Goodbye.
2. The dishwasher is full of CLEAN DISHES and the sink has dirty dishes...keep an eye on him. He's sneaky. The type of guy that knows how to do the right thing, often does, but falls into deep depravity if left unchecked.
3. The dishes in the sink are rinsed and orderly, but not "clean," this guy is a KEEPER!!!!!


1. This dude's either old-school, which is going to make for a very gender-compartmentalized relationship, or he's extremely frugal. Either is fine, just know what you're getting into if he FLATLY REFUSES TO GET A DISHWASHER!
2. The dishes in the sink are a mess--ditch him. He's worthless.
3. The sink is clean. You can see the bottom to the drain. The counter is clutter-free. Before you jump for joy, does he cook or eat?! Make sure he's not a psychopath, then proceed with caution.
4. He made a pbj sandwich, it's sitting on a plate and the knife he used to spread the peanut butter is in the sink, wiped clean from its residue, waiting to be "cleaned," COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, THIS AINT NO BOY HERE. THIS IS A MAN! MARRY HIM!
For more amazing dating advice, direct ALL YOUR RELATIONSHIP QUESTIONS to @nicolejb and @allobaber and @tereccariley and @inplainsight and @buddyesd. But definitely not me unless you want to know the real score.
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Never make plans with the man who doesn't own a dishwasher where the sink is a mess. He will take 3 hours washing dishes before taking you to his apartment and you'll spend that 3 hours playing jumprope with your brother and sister.
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Lol I do chores around the house ,cook ,do the dishes and all the little details stuff. that's pretty much part of my evry day life. so what am I a keeper or what ? 馃槂
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Lol as a guy I confirm this card to be 100% accurate. Fact checked byaaatch 馃榿馃榿 P.S. number 4 on no dishwasher describes me so perfectly I can't help but wonder if the point was made specifically for me lol. It's like I'm lazy enough to not fully wash it but not lazy enough to leave it there completely covered in peanut butter. It's like the perfect middle ground lol
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Better to throw it now than later @Beannachtoraibh Trust me, you want a MAN that takes care of his things and wants a home where anyone can drop by at any time and the sink not be an evidence container of crimes against humanity. @bluBear07 isn't it just awful how guys leave dishes for like, months?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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