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Alright so after some thought and reading other fanfictions I thought I would give it a try. I make no promises on it being great, I haven't written fanfiction in a loooong time. but the idea wouldn't leave my mind! lol I hope some of you enjoy it! If anyone has any helpful insights on anything I mess up please tell me! lol I researched but that isn't always how things would actually go... Without further to do.... Part 1!
You couldn’t help but grin happily as you and your two friends got off the ramp from the airplane, and entered safely into the airport. “I’m finally here! After so many years wanting to come, I’m finally here!” You heard sighing behind you and turned around, smiling guiltily at your two very good, very patient friends. “I mean we are here!” You say quickly, laughing to hide your mistake. Mel grins at you and shakes her head, her long curly hair bouncing around her head. “You’re lucky Sarah and I put up with your crazy ass.” You laugh before shrugging. “Hey, I did pay for the trip.” “You won the trip. You didn’t pay for anything!” Sarah pointed out, grinning at how silly you were acting. “Yes….well….good point. Anyways! I have a list of everywhere I want to go! Did you two make any lists?” You ask, changing the topic. You won had won three tickets to Korea in a random survey online. Usually those are bogus, but somehow you actually won something. It took a while for it to actually go through all the channels it needed to, but a year and a half later and you were finally in your favorite country, South Karea. “I looked through that book you had, that maze thing looks really cool.” Melanie commented. “And I expect to go shopping at those street stores from that show your always showing me.” You blink for a minute trying to think of which shows Melanie is talking about. “You mean Running man? They’ve been to a lot of street market places. I know there is a popular one in Seoul, it’s even listed on trip advisor. Want to go to that one?” Sarah and Melanie share a smile before shrugging. “Sure, and we can always just wander around. We’re here for a whole week, remember? The tickets were to go to Egypt for two days, Korea for one week, and England for two days before going back to the States. That’s not including the nights that we will also be here. I’m sure there are things to do at night, right?” Sarah led the way forward as the rest of the passangers started to grumble about the three girls blocking the way. Feeling very excited and carefree you started walking infront of your friends and talking over your shoulder as you headed towards the luggage area. “Oh yea, there lots to do at night! Theres the N tower, and the Hongik University has a lot of night clubs near it! And we could get a stellar view from the 63 Square’s Museums, and have dinner there! And there’s that rice wine I really want to-“ “Okay!” Melanie strategically interrupted, grabbing your arm to make you walk slower. You hadn’t realized you had started speed walking from the excitement. “How about we first grab our stuff and then decide what to do? We do have a week to do everything you wanted. This is basically a free vacation for all of us, so we should enjoy it and not freak out about what to do first.” Sarah, happy to not have to rain on your parade, nodded and smiled happily. “Right. Bags, and then hotel. Then we decided where to go first. Maybe we should go to the markets first to get food. Melanie has been practicing her cooking skills for a whole year once we knew you’d get the tickets.” You smiled happily, still on cloud nine to finally be here. Going forward you and your friends reach the luggage claim in record time. Standing side by side you wait for your luggage to appear while thinking about all the things that you would soon experience. @@few hour later@@
@@few hours later@@ “Alright. So we got our luggage. We found our hotel room thanks to Y/N’s knowledge of Korean maps. I skyped my baby, so it’s time to go to the markets!” Melanie exclaimed, grabbing her bag and jacket before heading towards the door. You laugh having heard her before walking through the adjoining door to join your friends. You each had your own bed, two in one room, and one in an adjoining room. Through a game of rock-paper-scissors you had gotten the bed by yourself. You had a suspicion that the girls had let you win, but you let it go because you knew that if you had ended up sharing you would annoy whoever shared it with you. “Right. So, Market place? Which one would you like to go to?” Sarah asked, picking up the guide book she saw at the hotel entrance. “Namdaemun Market is a really popular tourist one. They have all kinds of stuff. We can stop there first.” You say before realizing how bossy you sound and looking at your two friends to see their one eye brow arch up in the signature are you kidding me look. “Or whatever. You guys know we can do whatever you want! I can’t help it! I’m finally here!” You jump around in place, grinning madly before rubbing your hands together. “I’m buying suitcases full of BIGBANG merchandise!” Both of your friends groan good naturedly before leading the way out the door. You get in the rental suv you got from the airport and then put in the Namdaemun Market, figuring your friends would be okay with stopping there first. @@at the market place@@ “Is it normally this crowded Y/N!?” Sarah practically shouts from behind you, struggling to keep her hand on yours, with Melanie holding her other hand. “I don’t think so.” You stop and the three of you gather around in a circle, your friends looking around with worried expressions. “Don’t worry guys, we got this. Sure, I barely know the language. And we’ve obviously never been here before. And for some reason its really crowded today, but this will be an amazing trip! So, lets have fun!” Your friends’ faces relax and they smile brightly before nodding. Turning you look around anxiously, trying to find something to ease your friends into the foreign culture. Spotting a merchandise store you head that way, weaving around the crowds of people. You had a vague curiosity on why it was so crowded but you were more worried about your friends enjoying your favorite country. As your about to enter the store someone runs in front of you and stops. Because of the momentum you and your friends had you can’t stop and run right into whoever stopped infront of you. Rubbing your nose you slowly look up as your friends ask what happened. They had been looking around, trusting you to lead them somewhere enjoyable. You end up ignoring them as you stare at one of the main characters of your favorite variety show. “Excuse me? Can you help us?” You can’t help but blink in astonishment as Kim Jong Kook, THE Kim Jong Kook, stands in front of you smiling. It hasn’t registered yet what is happening, and you can hear your friends talking behind you asking what was wrong. Just as your about to reply, to both Jong Kook and your friends, you hear more people coming over. Before you can even think of saying anything you see the last person you thought you would see.
“Oppa!” You watch in silent aww as the Ace Ji-hyo runs around Kwon Jiyong and joins Jong Kook infront of you. You can’t help but stare as your favorite bands leader jogs the rest of the way to join the other two. “Y/N. Y/N! Say something! I recognize them from you show! Speak, damn it!” You feel One of your friends poking your back and hear Melanie hissing in your ear. Finally Sarah pinches your arm and you jump before turning and glaring at your friends. “Shut up.” You whisper back before turning back to the two running man members and the leader of BIGBANG. Remembering your self-taught lessons you bow and smile before saying hello shakily in Korean. “I’m Y/N and this is Melanie and Sarah. How can I help you?” The three in-front of you grin and Ji-hyo immediately starts talking quickly in Korean and you stare blankly wishing you had studied more Korean. Or that you were at home safely behind you laptop watching a subbed version of Running Man. Jong Kook and Jiyong save you from mental overload by grabbing and speaking in English at the same time. Ji-hyo stops and frowns before shrugging. “Can you help us for the day?” Jiyong asks after looking at Jong Kook expectantly. “We need to find a foreigner to help us throughout the day.” His English is practically flawless, it reminds you of the MADE concert five years ago. “Um….let me ask my friends.” You reply also in english before turning with puppy dog eyes to your two friends. Melanie and Sarah grab your hands before pulling you slightly away from the three stars so they could talk privately to you. “Pleeeeeease!? Melanie you know this is a once in a life time opportunity! It’s G Dragon! You know that right!? I mean really, please guys!? I will owe you for years!!!” You beg, hoping that your two friends would agree to this. Melanie and Sarah look at each other before shrugging. “I love these shows you show me all the time. I’m game for you joining.” Sarah said, taking out her phone to take pictures along with all the people gathered around the six of you. “Melanie?” You ask, looking at your friend of more than a decade and hopping she wouldn’t mind. “Of course you can! This is amazing!” You grin, but before you can give your bae your answer the rest of running man descends, TaeYand and Top among them. “Oh My God. Melanie its your favorite, Top, and Sarah, it’s Taeyang!” You exclaim, nudging their shoulders. While she wasn’t as fangirl crazy as you are about BIGBANG, when ever you would show Melanie a video of Top she would comment on his hair and how he’s her favorite. And Sarah loved the videos you showed her of Taeyang’s abs and his silly antics. “They must still need a foreigner….what do you think guys? Ready for some fun?” You ask, looking at your friends and grabbing their hands as the tunning man members start their usual bickering. The two hesitate before grinning and nodding. “OKAY!” You say loudly, grabbing everyone’s attention. “I will join You for today. And my friends have agreed to join as well.” The running man members all cheer and then of course start trying to win my friends over. I, of course, focus on my favorite, GD, who was smiling at me before holding out his hand.
I hope you enjoyed it! I'll work on the second part! Any suggestions on what the missions should be? I know music will be involved but I haven't thought of very much otherwise. @Helixx this is that story I told you about! What do you think?
thanks @Helixx. It could be real Lol. I'll keep taking you! at least someone likes it! :D
I happened to run across your story and I really love it. Can you tag me please.
cute I like it
This is a great premise. It's very cute and relatable. I'm happy you posted it. Please keep tagging me.
THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! I love it. Can this be real? If I go to South Korea in 5 years, can I run into GD and Jong Kook and be their foreigner for a day? PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE?