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Thanks for reading my fanfic, everyone!!!! I've received good response, so I must be doing something right. LOL. I love guys when they wink or lick their lips. I think the genre of my story should be a romantic drama comedy. What do you guys think? Should I add some trauma or angst? Let me know!!!
Recap: I come out of the bathroom and slam into Kris. I'm kind of light headed because I drank some alcohol. Jinny's POV *********************** Something in his eyes changed, even tipsy, I can tell he wants me. What I hate about drinking is, it lowers my inhibitions and judgement, and right now, I really want to kiss him. He steps forward and I flinched backwards, I'm right up against the bathroom door. My eyes never leaving his, his face comes closer and he hesitates, he looks down and then, he put his right forearm against the bathroom, getting closer. I get self-conscious and look away, he lifts my chin up and leans close to whisper in my ear, "Jinny...", his voice was so husky and full of want that it sent thrills down my spine. I shivered, he seemed to notice and he pulled back, concern replaced his beautiful face, "You Okay? Are you cold?" I looked at him and I started to sober up and said, "Yea, I'm fine, I just need some fresh air." At that moment, I heard voices coming towards us and I jumped and ran into the bathroom. 'Jinny, what are you doing? What is the matter with you? He just wants you for just one thing, and one thing only. He obviously thinks that since your Cuban American, that I have a lot of experience and been with many guys, well Kris Your WRONG....' I look in the mirror, I fix my hair and makeup. 'Why can't I look like those petite, cute, sweet Korean girls? Since I turned 14, I've had this well-endowed body and I've gotten unwanted advances and leers and nasty rumors just because I look like this. *pats face to snap out of it* Let's not dwell in the past, let's have fun tonight.' Julie enters with Jasmine and they both come in laughing but once they see me, their faces look worried. Jasmine: Hey, you ok? You took too much time, I thought you fell in the toilet? Julie: Or had a secret rendezvous with your secret boyfriend? Me: WOW, what your brains conjure up ceases to amaze me, *laughs* I love you, guys! Let's have fun, tonight. We can go to a place where we can karaoke. Julie: Oh, umm. *She looks to Jasmine with a guilty face* Me: What, what happened? Jasmine: We kind of promised the guys, we'd go to their concert tonight. It starts at 9pm. Me: What??? It's 8:10 pm, we don't have time to wash up and dress up. Jasmine: Well, we refused when we said the same thing and they said that they'll send stylists and makeup artists to our room and we will meet them there, when we finish getting dressed. Julie: Come on, Jinny, we've never been to a concert, especially here. What do you say? I could tell that they really wanted to go and if I said no, they would be bummed out but would be ok with my decision. There's no reason for me not to go. Me: OKAY, Let's go. **************************************************************************************** Kris's POV ************************ Why did she run away? I didn't even kiss her, so why she acting like I committed I crime when she came out of the bathroom. She glued herself to her friends; Chanyeol, Tao, and Lay were so friendly towards them. I don't know how she got Tao to like her, it seemed like he didn't like her at the airport and the ride over. Something about her just makes you like her. I've seen how Chanyeol looks at her and I think we have the same feelings for her, but since I'm the leader and he's like a little brother to me, I don't want to hurt him. After the event, I'll tell Chanyeol. Chanyeol's POV ************************* Tonight, I'm going to confess. I don't care about my image as long as I have her. We have so many things in common and she so different from the girls around here. I'm not gonna lie but even the backup dancer and singers are the same, they just want to be more famous or get into a scandal with me. I've tried to date secretly but I get tired of them so easily. They don't elicit anything in me, on the other hand, with her, everything is interesting. They way her mind works, the way she bites her lips when she's concentrating or when she's nervous, how she tilts her head when she's confused, and those precious moments when she goes out of her way to help someone else or try to include everyone in the conversation. But, I think it's too fast to tell her. I should ask Kris Hyung what should I do.
**************************************************************************************** Jinny's POV *************************: We, somehow, made it to our hotel at 8:30pm. I jumped in the shower first, thankfully before I left home, I waxed my legs and pampered myself with a mani-pedi. I got out, in record time of 3 minutes, then Jasmine, then Julie. It was 8:35pm, when the stylist and makeup artists started showing up. It was so hard to pick, but I had to choose quickly and wisely. So, I chose a dress that was black and pastel pink, it had a sophisticated feel to it. I had my hair done next, Jasmine chose a black lace dress, it looked so good on her; Julie's was a white pencil dress, they started to do Jasmine's hair and Julie's. My hair was a beautiful intricate up-do and my make up artist suggested I wear green contacts to stand out more. Jasmine's hair was parted to one side and Julie wanted to have her hair straightened. We left the hotel at exactly 9pm. We arrived at 9:45pm at the concert.
Arrived just in time to see the end of BTS Bulletproof, up next were our boys. We were escorted to family and friends section. During the interval, I turn to my sister and half-yelled at her about the cute guys in BTS. I told her that I think Jin and Rapmonster are really hot. She liked Jimin and Jungkook. Julie liked Suga and J-hope. V was a sexy alien that we don't know how to react to him. We hear howling of wolves and thunder and lightning all around us. We look up and EXO is so close to us, they looked so cool performing that I can't believe they are the same guys I was hanging out with earlier.
***During their performance***** They are so hot!!!!
***Earlier today, they look so different when they are on stage**********
****Seeing Kris and Chanyeol on stage made me so happy, like a proud momma****** After their performance, up next was F(x), Miss A, BtoB, Mblaq, Ukiss, HYUNA, 4minute. I was so tired of screaming, my voice became hoarse. During each performance, I tried to keep an eye out for EXO, but I couldn't see them. I wonder if they were backstage. I need water and to use the restroom very badly, I leaned over Julie and let Jasmine know where I was going. She nodded and waved good bye and kept chanting some band. On my way to the bathroom, one of the security guards escorted me to the bathroom. I don't remember taking this route, I looked up to the security guard and was just about to tap him, when he opened the door that led to the bathroom. I bowed and said thank you. I go use the bathroom and fix my dress and primp a little. I come out and waiting for me is Chanyeol. Chanyeol gasped, "What?" I said, self-consciously touching my hair and looking down to my clothes. He smiled and a dimple popped out, so cute, I thought. "You look ravishing tonight, I didn't think it could be possible for you to be more beautiful than you already are." His comment made me blush so much, that I turned around and put the back of my hands to my cheek to cool down. I heard him chuckle and I felt his arms around me, I stood still in shock. "Jinny, You are so cute! I love seeing your different expressions, they are so fascinating." I huff and get out of his embrace and I face him and said to him using my throaty voice. "Are you messing with me right now? Do I amuse you? I thought you were innocent and pure, guess I was wrong." I start walking away and he grabs my wrist and takes me to the closest room and closes the door and pushes me against the door. I was out of breath, panting, so was he, we were really close. I tried to move and he pinned both of my wrist over my head, I looked at my hands and then to his face. He's the same Chanyeol but his eyes wasn't the innocent and pure Chanyeol that I knew. He didn't scare me, his eyes held a certain gleam that showed me a different side of Chanyeol I didn't know existed. His image portrays a derpy innocent cute guy. This side of him is very stimulating and exciting. He leans closer with his body molding to mine and he whispers in my ear, sending me shivers from head to toe and I bite my lip. "Jinny...Oh, sweet Jinny...You don't know what you do to me, do you?" *He leans back a little and he stares hard at me* One hand caresses the side of my face and gradually slides down to my throat and he finds my pulse. My erratic heart showed him what he wanted to know. He let go of me and he put both of his hands on the sides of my face and gave me a kiss on my forehead. He sighed and I sighed, not even knowing I've been holding my breath in, and he said, "Jinny, I can't wait until tomorrow!!!" He changed to the sweet Chanyeol and smiled like a dork. "What?... Why, what's tomorrow?" He had a crooked smile and said, "It's Lay's birthday tomorrow, October 7. You are invited to come to his birthday party. That's what I was waiting to tell you outside the bathroom." I didn't know what to say, other than to say, "Oh...well, let me ask my friends first, ok?" He nods and I wave goodbye to him and start walking away towards the door that leads to the audience, I hear a soft voice saying, "Can't wait..." I look back where he was standing just a few seconds ago, there's no one there. I shook my head, I must be hearing things. I opened the door and let the music consume and enfold me in its sweet embrace. ****************************************************************************************
What's in store for Jinny at Lay's birthday party, can she make it, will she even go, what about meeting her future-brother-in-law that she met only once before he was stationed here, what about Julie, can Julie have a dark hidden secret that no one can know about? Find out in the next part of First Time in Korea. ****************************************************************************************
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