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Nothing is a more memorable burn than a grease burn. I burned myself once when I was making lumpia in college, and I may not fry anything ever again.
Who cooks here? There's got to be some of you out there who know this feel.
i wear the grandma cooking clothes cause im a pro
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I've cooked shirtless a bunch, and because I have a great thick coat of man fur on my chest I'm usually okay
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I was cooking mac n cheese and droped something and went to catch it but instead hit the handle and dumped the boiling water on myself almost boiling my goods. left a good scar though
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everyone had cereal and the kids got a demonstration on how a soldier swears proficiently
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I always burn myself. Even when I'm making a DAMN grilled cheese, for Christ's sake! 馃槯馃槯馃槯馃槯
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