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my unlikeable series character is claude Faustus, now here reason why!! first of all he kill alois, play with his feelings for no reason but thought it was funny to fake his love with 14 year old earl who had bipolar problems along with being physical rape by his father, the village treat him and his little brother like shit. i mean come on CLaude you could been nicer to poor kid that's show his love for you!! even those though his mind was physical damage from the past. and second reason. Dude sorry to said you creep living day life outta me, first time I had watch season 2 and you came on , swear to god I got so many goose bumps on my arms and my hairs on my arms were also standing up to. feel like I was in horror movie , cause it feel liked you're vibe was coming on to me!? third reason seem more like ungrateful greedy butler willingness to kill alois, to get to ciel soul. but truth be told it alois soul you wanted all long. but you didn't want to confuss up and tell young boy didn't you. oh I wish I could just take my reaper sword and duel you to the death. that how mad you make me!!!
@ARMYStarlight so sad😢😱
mhm shame on you claude....alois loved you till the end >~<