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Once again another remake of the famous Japanese anime named 'Itazura Na Kiss! But this drama seems to have more differences than similarities, which is a good thing. I've seen the other remakes, and they all kind of fall together. I want to think Thailand for remaking a popular anime and for changing it up more! The main girl character is so perfect because she's pretty and lovable! Don't even get me started on the main guy character! I thought he was soft compared to the other guys but later on, I finally see that he just won't give in easily. Sometimes I just become so mad because he is so close to winning her heart. I'm itching to see the last episode. Why go through all of the struggles if there's no happy ending? -I just discovered that both of the main characters from this drama are also in the drama 'Full House!' You know I'm watching that! Thailand might be another wonderful place to visit someday!
@alexiselcox it's a sickness I tell you!!! There's no going back!
I know! In a matter of three days I almost watched every single episode of kiss me except for the last episode.
I got used to his blonde hair馃槵
@alexiselcox I may have just skipped to the very last episode to see what happens and the blonde hair was gone. I was surprised because it was growing on me. Although it looked more white than blonde at times! But I was like great just want I need another show to get sucked into while I'm going to school just great. I'm already sucked into a show called High School King of Savvy and I'm having a hard time trying not to watch it and do my school work instead.
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