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During a news conference today, Cam Newton came out and said race may play a factor in why he's becoming a lightening rod for public criticism. Newton said,

"I'm an African-American quarterback that scares people because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to."

Newton has been the center of media attention all this time along, and he made controversial remarks on why he's been taking all the heat and furthered the conversation as to why parents have written to newspapers and websites criticizing his most minor missteps.
[Here is an excerpt from the news conference.]
In the video, Newton states that,
"I said that prior to me being in this situation. But when I said it then it was like, 'Oh he is immature,' or, 'Oh he's young and this that and the third.' I felt a certain type of way then and I feel a certain type of way now - nothing has pretty much changed. They talk about maturity. They talk about skillset. ... The only thing that has changed (about me) is that we're winning now.''
Cam Newton's coach, Ron Rivera said Newton should not have to fight perceptions about race. Rivera, who is Hispanic, have admitted that there were instances when he had to fight the race battle as well. Rivera backed his quarterback and said, "It really should be about your merits more than anything else. More about what you have accomplished, what you have done.'' He added

Cam Newton does not want to be known as the African American quarterback.

Football fans, do you think it's fair to say that Cam Newton has been the center of attention within the media because of his race? Comment below!

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@mchlyang I am trying to find a link to it on YouTube but for the life of me, I can find every one but that skit.
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I remember Dave plays a werewolf and Charlie Murphy plays a Frankenstein monster.
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@shagnasty360 I'll take a look at it when I get a shot! Thanks so much bud!
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@shagnasty360 Just saw the vid haha. That was hilarious.
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