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"Are you sure you have everything?" Seungri asks from the drivers seat.
"I think so... Let me just check." You pull your purse off the floor at your feet and start digging through it.
"House keys?" He says, listing off the important items.
"Yep." You hold up your key ring.
"Check." You pull the charger from your purse.
"Got it."
"Cell phone?" You lift your butt awkwardly in the seat in order to pull the phone from your back pocket.
Uh... plane ticket and passport?"
"I got those" Stefan chimes in from the back seat.
"Oh, your inhaler?"
"Check, got that right he-" Your voice trails off. Your inhaler isn't in the pocket it's supposed to be in. You spend several minutes digging around your purse and removing the contents while you search for it, but it just isn't there. "Hmmm... I used it a couple nights ago..." You think back hard trying to remember where you left it. "Ah, it's in the drawer of the nightstand back at the hotel." At that you turn around in your seat to face your assistant in the seat behind you. "You have my back up, right?"
"The one you left at the hotel is the back up. The one you carry ran out a week ago. I switched it out for you... you've been distracted... But, there is a refill waiting at the pharmacy when we get home."
"Aishh. I guess we have to stop back at the hotel then." You mentally scold yourself for being so absent-minded. It's not like you.
"I'll call the hotel and see if they can have it ready for us at the front desk." Eu Jin says, pulling out her phone.
"Don't we have one of your inhalers here?" Seungri asks. You think about it.
"I don't know, maybe? It's possible I left one here ages ago, when I was still staying here at the dorm."
"It's red and white, right?"
"I'm sure I've seen it around. I'll go look for it, just sit tight." Seungri exits the car and quickly disappears inside the building. You relax back into your seat and start putting the contents of your purse back inside it.
"How are you holding up?" Eu Jin's pleasant voice asks from the back seat. She's a very sweet girl whom you've taken a liking to since your first meeting.
"I'm exhausted... emotionally exhausted." She reaches forward, placing her hand on your shoulder
"I'm sorry Y/N." You move you hand across your chest to rest on top of hers.
"Thank you. I'm just happy to be going home." You say, looking over your shoulder at her. You share a brief smile before the sound of knuckles rapping on the passenger window startles you. You whip your head forward to see who it is. Shock, surprise and happiness all cross your face as the door opens.
"Jiyong!" You exclaim, as you practically jump out of the car and wrap your arms excitedly around him, squeezing him tightly. Jiyong hesitates momentarily before placing his arms around you, returning your embrace. You feel the reluctance in the rigidity of his muscles, but you don't care. It takes him another moment for his muscles to loosen allowing him to relax as he buries his face in your hair. You revel a bit longer in this unexpected hug, then release him, stepping back and promptly punching him in the side.
"Ow! What was that for?" GD says, holding his side, cringing in mock pain.
"That's for ignoring me! I was beginning to think you were never going to talk to me again."
"Well that's just stupid! Of course I'm going to talk to you. I just needed time."
"Did you just call me stupid?" You try desperately to keep a straight face, but you can't and quickly crack a smile and let out a giggle. Jiyong responds with his priceless grin. This almost feels like a normal exchange. Almost.
He pulls you back in for another hug. "I'm sorry, Y/N." His arms are wrapped around your neck and he's resting the side of his head against yours. He sighs. "I'm not ready to talk about it. I still need time. But what you said upstairs, you were right... If something happened to you, I'd never forgive myself for letting you go without saying goodbye." He pulls away just far enough to look you in the eyes.
"Thank you." You smile. "It was killing me to leave like that."
"I know. Again, I'm sorry. I don't mean to upset you." Jiyong pulls the hair back and off your shoulders as he's speaking. His eyes, fixated on the task as he performs it. He's deep in thought now, his voice trailing off. You scan his face in the silence and it's clear to you he's been crying. His eyes are red and glassy, the delicate skin around then swollen from grief.
Suddenly it dawns on you that you're the cause of those tears, of that grief, the reason for his pain. You're acutely aware now that the closeness of this embrace is not helping him at all. 'How could I be so selfish?' You've been so messed up at the thought of not seeing him, not saying goodbye, that you didn't stop to think how seeing you might effect him. Guilt sets in, immediately prompting you to pull away. The movement of your body stepping back and away from him jolts Jiyong from his thoughts. The look on your face must be a dead giveaway to him because he tries to hold onto you as you back away.
"Ji, I'm so sorry. I didn't think-"
"Shhh, shhh, Y/N, it's ok."
"I'm really sorry, Jiyong. I don't want to make things harder for you. I'm so sorry." He reaches for your arm to stop you from retreating, but your back hits the side of the car behind you, rendering his gesture useless.
"Y/N, stop it." He steps into you. "It's ok." You lower your gaze away from his. Despite his assurance you still feel guilty. Jiyong's fingers glide smoothly along your cheeks, coming to fully cup your face. He gently directs your head up and you lock eyes with him. "It's nice to see you." He's smiling which causes you to smile in response. You long to lean forward, to hug him again but you refrain. His right thumb moves slowly over your lips, tracing your smile. "And it's good to see you smile."
"It's good to see you smile too, Ji." You raise your left arm, grabbing the underside of his right arm. "Promise me you'll keep smiling while I'm gone. No sad, emo G-Dragon, alright?" He breathes deeply while his right hand moves to the side of your face, sweeping away the long tendrils of your bangs and moving them behind your ear.
"I'll try." Both his hands drop to rest on your shoulders and his body language lightens. "Ok, one more hug and then I'm letting you go catch your plane." Again he smiles, his arms sliding down your back and pulling you into him. You wrap your arms around him and try to release the stress inside you with each breath.
"I'm going to miss you, Jiyong." He squeezes you tighter. This exchange between you, although strained and a little uneasy, is comforting. It'll take a little time and a bit of work but you're confident your friendship will survive this.
"I'll miss you too." His voice is quiet, somber. "I always miss you." At that you both pull apart and you force a smile. You're heart is still heavy.
"I should check on Seungri so we can get out of here." You move to step around him to head into the building but his hand catches your arm as you pass and pulls you back in front of him. Before you know what's happening, his hands are cupping your face again and his lips are pressed against yours. His kiss is deep, passionate and explosive. His hand moves to the back of your head, fingers curling in your hair, gently pushing your face and lips into his. You try to react through the shock but you've lost control of your body. Instead of protesting, you seemingly melt under his touch. And then it's over, just as quick as it had begun.
You open your eyes to see Jiyong's tortured expression. "Oh god, I'm so sorry Y/N... I didn't mean... I didn't mean for that, to, to do that" You're mind is racing, trying to process what just happened. Jiyong starts to retreat.
"Don't!" You call. "Please, don't Jiyong. Don't runaway from me again." He stops and turns back to you. You reach for his hand and step up to face him. "I don't really know what just happened... I mean, I know what just happened, I'm just still processing it." You squeeze his hand. "But I don't want this to come between us. You're my best friend. Always will be..." You stretch up onto your tippy toes and kiss his cheek. "Oppa, tell me we'll talk when I get home."
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We kissed~ but now I'm sad~ cuz we said we are best friends....and saying that reminds me of the time I friend zoned one of my best friends not to long ago....Welp...isn't this Deja vu? Loved this chapter~💜
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