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1) The animation in the show is great! If you enjoy watching great quality animes and love the creators art then you will sure love this.
2) Beautiful art: This anime has the most beautiful art and colors, its very delicate and pleasing.
3) Great story line: To me it has the most happy, and saddest story line.So Get some tissues and prepare your self cause your going on the feels train (。・ω・。)
Please like and Clip my card \(・`(ェ)・)/ This is my first top # card so im not good and giving good reasons If you do wanna watch this anime I recommend to go on to Www.kissanime.com (。・ω・。) THANK YOU
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@simplynick the OP is my jam 😅.
I really wanted this to be a horror anime :(
@Oniichan0 i ask because the vivid art and graphics was so astheticly (idk if i spelt that correct) pleasing to me and its 1 of the things i loved the most about it
I watched t he first episode and it was SO FLIPPING GOOD
i couldn't make it past the 8 minute mark lol holy fucking christ