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January 27th #neverforget I'm not Jewish, but I have friends that are and I remember learning about this all the way back in middle school and this is a tragic and unfortunate event that I will never forget.
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I have the strongest horrific feeling that another holocaust is coming in the very near future, only this time the suffering, pain, torture and human experimentation is gonna make hitlers war seem like Disney land. and if anyone thinks it can't happen again, they are horrifically mistaken, all it takes to start human torture and mass murder against a certain race is propaganda, ( lies) and today's prophets and philosophers who will be chosen by the leader of the nation to sit the wheel of mass murder in motion, it's horrific to even imagine how a modern civilization can come to a decision like mass murder of a race or races. FEAR AND HATRED is the main ingredients for millions of souls to perish in this new holocaust, just like the first one and the others before the others and so on. I was watching Fox 5 good morning news one morning and one of the news casters said that "it was refreshing to have a presidential candidate with fresh new ideas" meaning with balls to speak his mind. this so called news man bigot, already came out of the closet and side it with donald trump the racist,