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@MadAndrea tagged me to do this Basically, it's just a 15 Facts card about yourself! I think you guys might be interested to know some facts about me, if you follow me. By the way, these facts are really random facts about me, so they're a little weird.

1. Putting on Shoes

I have a specific way I put on my shoes: 1. Left sock 2. Left shoe 3. Right sock 4. Right shoe And then when I take them off its the opposite way. I don't know why I do it like this, but if I do it any other way, I cringe and have to do it my way.

2. A Swimmer Among Us?

Yes, I do swim. I'm on my school's swim team and I enjoy every second of it...Minus the part where our coach yells at us for breathing, but she's so cute when she's mad so alls forgiven.

3. College Or Nah

I actually AM planning on going to college in South Korea. My top schools are Ewha, Yonsei, Seoul, Hongdae, and Korea. I am bound to get accepted to at least one of those. If I don't get accepted, that would be very sad...

4. Work it, Girl!

So, I plan to major in fashion design in college. My dream is to have my own successful fashion line of lingerie and every day clothes. Being a stylist for people would be amazing too.

5. Gotta Have A Plan B

If that doesn't work out, I would look deeper into my love of cooking and hopefully have my own restaurant and coffee shop with my very own recipes.

6. Hobby Slash Passion

Dancing has always had a hold on me and when I go to South Korea, I plan to get in a label like JYP (somewhere where foreigners aren't looked down upon too much) and train there to improve my dancing. They'd also give you singing classes and learning how to sing is a goal of mine in the future because I currently sound like a cat choking on a taco while being ran over by a fajita truck.

7. Free Time

In my free time, I draw portraits of kpop idols. I can't afford posters, so this is my way of making my own in a way. Also, it bothered me that I wasn't really able to draw people, so I taught myself and they're pretty good. I put a couple up there By the way, the second one is supposed to be Suga, but I don't know what I did wrong. It just didn't come out right, but it's still a nice portrait in my opinion.

8. Insecurities

I am someone who typically comes off very confident, but I'm actually really insecure. I don't like my face very much or my personality, but it's something I have to live with, so I make do.

9. Puppy Love

I have a puppy! She's a miniature pinscher and I named her River Song. If you know where that name is from, you automatically have my love.

10. Nice Abs-I,I Mean Acting. Totally Meant Acting

So KDramas are pretty much my life and that is no secret. And I have a lot of favorite actors that I love to see, but my favorite actor of all time is-*drum roll*- Lee Jong Suk! His acting is actually really amazing and he's a total sweetheart! I love to just listen to him speak. He could be talking about how great an apple is and I would hang onto his every word.

11. Being Alone Is Okay

I don't have many friends, but people online seem to think that I do. On my Instagram (my fan account), all the people I talk to are all: "I know you have like a ton of friends." "You must be popular!" "You're boyfriend is so lucky to have someone so sweet!" I only have a select incredibly small group of people I can call my genuine friends. I think like 2. I don't have a boyfriend because no one is interested in me that way. And people know me, but I'm not popular in any way. And I have come to realize that not having a lot of friends is okay. Less drama and all that. A boyfriend would be nice though, I'm not even gonna lie.

12. Nose of a Hunter

I have an amazing sense of smell. One time I was sitting in the front of my class and I suddenly smelled something. It smelled like pepperoni pizza. I turned to my classmate and asked them what that smell was and they were like "I don't smell anything," but I could smell it clear as day! I turned around and spotted someone in the back and watched them for a second and THERE WAS THE PIZZA! You have no idea how nice it was to know I wasn't crazy. But I smell everything. Like if it has a smell, you can't hide it from me.

13. Assassin Skills On Fleek

Assassin's Creed is my jam! Like I need it in my life! It's an addiction. I be climbing up walls and killing people like a boss. I am proud of my gaming skills.

14. Food Everywhere!

If you know me, you know food is something that is just a part of me. I'm constantly eating and cooking. I feel like I should be fatter than I am, but I'm not gonna argue!

15. To Write Is To Breathe

Writing is something that helps me escape, just like drawing and cooking. Except with writing, I get to really let my feelings out. It's therapeutic to me. That's why I actually started Vingle. I like the idea of writing here. It's like a bunch of mini articles and people sharing their thoughts and opinions.
So this was LONG! But if you actually read through all this, comment a fact about you or something you related to. I'll see you next time I make a card! I finished Pretty Man, so a review on that is coming soon!
@MadAndrea thank God I'm not alone
@4dalientae we need to talk more often! haha
I have the same thing with my nose! It's such a random sense to be strong haha
I love to cook when I can, and I just think all dancing is beautiful, so I am trying to actually teach myself how to dance. Drawing, along with singing, is one of my ultimate passions. I draw pretty much every day. I also love writing, and it is one therapeutic thing I can do also. And I am also almost always alone XD but its kind of we have lots in common lol
Omo River Song :D