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Today, @InVinsybll informed me that no one that's hip with the times uses CDs anymore, and it kind of reminds me of how I used to look at cassettes and floppy disks in middle school. The times are a-changin', indeed. No, but seriously. Who didn't know that's a floppy disk?
haha I remember having a computer so old it didn't take floppies... and I had dial up so emailing things took YEARS hahahahaha don't miss those days
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For real, my little sister's generation doesn't know why the save icon on word is a floppy. they don't know what that symbol is except for 'save'.
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@InVinsybll Have you ever asked her what a floppy disk is just to mess with her? AND GOD, I WRITE DICK EVERY TIME BY ACCIDENT AND HAVE TO LAUGH/FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE EVERY TIME I BACKSPACE AND CHANGE IT.
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@buddyesd You remember when wireless meant radio!
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I still remember when my dad bought an adaptor to play cassettes in an 8-track player lol
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