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Just in time for NYFW, Yeezy, himself is dropping Swish and debuting Yeezy Season 3 on the same day. And in case you were wondering, the four-digit price tags for items like sweaters and jackets that plagued the first two seasons, are reportedly going be be much lower for this round, according to TMZ.
TicketMaster is selling tickets to screenings of his fashion show in the US. In the meantime, a defunct website by Vue Cinemas is hoping to pack theaters in the UK. He'll make more money from a 12-minute fashion show than most Hollywood producers do making a 96-minute action thriller.
So, maybe that's how the self-obsessed titan can lower his prices for post-apocalyptic garb. How low? No one knows just yet. His season 2 clothing hasn't even hit store shelves yet. (what's that about?!?!!)
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I wouldn't buy those clothes.