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You know, I might not work in tech support, but I had to teach my parents how to use the texting feature on their smart phones once upon a time, so I definitely know this feel.
How are your parents with technology? Do you know anyone who works in IT that receives equally ridiculous questions?
I'm the person in the office they call before our it guys and if I can't figure it out then they call the it guys or have the it guys call me to explain the problem.
Omg. I am the 'IT guy' for my parents. And other family. Lol I'm also Google and Hotwire. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Haha! this should b a short comedy show , I'd definitely watch everyday!
I used to work in a place with the WORST guy in IT. He used to come to our office just to bother this old lady that used to be in a GANG like why??? He also changed my login password one time without telling me. I called him up and asked what the new one was. I typed it in. It did not work. He did not believe I had typed it in correctly. This went on for half an hour before he realized he had given me the wrong password.
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