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Adventures In Tech Support
You know, I might not work in tech support, but I had to teach my parents how to use the texting feature on their smart phones once upon a time, so I definitely know this feel.
How are your parents with technology? Do you know anyone who works in IT that receives equally ridiculous questions?
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my parents are way better at tech stuff than I am. Every time something doesn't work I go straight to my dad.
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@danidee yes exactly. I am definitely the stupid question filter for all it questions oh and problems with the cable for the cable company...
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I'm not the IT person here for my job but... I'm always the one fixing computer things here... I gotta tell ya I feel that... "Please ma'am don't be dumb." Kinda feeling xD
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my dad is boss, even though he asks for help sometimes, mostly because he's lazy. my mom just wants to throw away her smart phone! my aunt recently got a smart phone that she wanted so much. she refuses to use it
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@danidee yup. Totally this cranky old lady that was never happy to see anyone, but one day the servers were down and we got to talking. She used to live in Brooklyn back when it was kind of sketchy and apparently was part of a super violent girl gang. She had a tattoo and everything. And she was so low key about it too just like "nbd part of a gang". I feel like the IT guy either didn't know or didn't believe her but I was always ready for her to just throttle him after that
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