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Tagging the wonderful @AimeeH for the game ^^ Crush: V Best Friend : Rap Monster Boyfriend: Jung kook First Kiss: Suga Secret Admirer: Rap Monster Husband: Suga Hater: V Love/Hate Relationship: Rap Monster Weirdo: Jin Brother: Rap Monster Okay. So Rap Monster is my brother and he admires me even though we don't see eye to eye in situations, but we are really close. I guess Jung kook and I didn't last plus V is a hater. Maybe they were really close. Maybe Suga stole me away since he was my first kiss and now my husband ^-^ I'm not exactly sure why Jin would act weird unless he's uncomfortable or knows something I don't o.o I love these games!! :D
It's a good game though even if it's a troll XD
@Annaharris1989 Yeah that one trolled alot of people!
Ahh. Well this is the second one. The first was weird XD I got V as my brother and Boyfriend. All I thought was hold up. This doesn't work for me. That's weird and.... just no.
@Annaharris1989 Haha its okay! I have done that too! XD
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