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f(x)‘s Krystal may soon be making her debut into dramas. Krystal has participated in sitcoms before, but she’s never acted for a full on drama before. It’s been reported that she’s being strongly considered for the female lead role in ‘Heirs‘ along with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. The staff of the show have begun to check with her schedule for the second half of the year. SBS confirmed, “It’s true that the staff approached Krystal. They haven’t confirmed her casting, but they’re watching her with interest.” The drama is a trendy drama that talks about the love and friendship of rich high school students. There’s no word still on when the drama will begin airing, or even when it’ll start filming, but the cast looks very promising!
@chasinghapiness yes im a sone. And i like other kpop groups too. I just want to see Krystal in a drama even if lead actress. Supporting role is okay.
Gosh..I hope SBS will take Krystal in the drama..please...I love and I want to watch her acting..and I think she really suits with the character...Rich high school
PSH has confirmed to be the lead so I doubt Krystal will. and agree with @zaneh she lacks the experience.
wow i really hope she isnt the lead, no offense to her but she is a newbie and id rather see a seasoned actress as the lead
@KrisTae haha I believe she will! do you like snsd?
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