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If you LUV Alyssa Edwards and her gig, then you're gonna love this makeup tutorial of the elements that make for the iconic Alyssa Edwards look.
1. Contour.
2. Eyes overload.
3. 301 lashes.
4. At least 4 bags of hair.
5. Attitude.
While this is meant for fun, there's always room for knowledge, whether it's technique or ideation. Have fun with this. Hopefully you'll get some great ideas to amp up your look.
If you've never seen Alyssa Edwards before and are thoroughly confused, entertained or mesmerized, click here to see my collection devoted to everyone's favorite Drag Race loser.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas she is coming for all the gigs girl!
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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Yes! She is! She just makes me smile.
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