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Saw this and wanted to try my luck. Looked like fun.
My Big Bang bias is my best friend, ah well, he's going to be there when I need him....I hope. :)
I've got a crush on my best friend? Because why not? That smile of his kills me every time.
Wow, how would he try to win me over? The possibilities.... oh gods, my mind is going to a dangerous place. ;)
A date with Taeyang? Must have been persistent....
A weekend with GD? That date with Taeyang must've been a disaster.
I have TOP's kids? Lucky me! ~^^
Taeyang's my boyfriend? When did that happen? Our date went better than I thought.
So Daesung is my best friend who I have a crush on and he's jealous? Sounds like someone has some things to figure out. ;)
It's probably the best love song ever written then. ^^
Well, I might as well be married to him, we have kids to think about after all. x'D