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Liese is the Trinity Seven of the Acedia (Sloth) Archive. She is the older twin sister of Selina Sherlock. Prior to my arrival at the Royal Biblia Academy she mysteriously vanished and later appeared before my friends and I as an Evil Mage. I being the Great Magic King that I am defeated and later on saved her from an eternity of Staganation, upon doing that I have made her one of my friends and lovers.
Lieselotte is an extremely confident, seductive, and playful young lady who is not above using her feminine charms to reach her goals. When she is fighting a man she is very prone to enticing them with her body to catch them off guard and create an opening for her to attack. She is an ambitious and a very straightforward girl, not to mention very dedicated to her research; although she tends to look for shortcuts to complete her goals. As such she is willing to be deceitful to her friends and her sister, Selina. In the Manga/Anime Liese joined Grimiore Security to study Breakdown Phenomena in order to gain access to the Eternal Library before becoming an Evil Mage and fighting the other Trinity Seven Members. She is also willing to put her little sister in danger just to steal her magic.
After my first encounter with her she stole some of my Magic King Element just by kissing me, making her another Magic King candidate. During our final Battle, She kissed me but little did she know that I learned the Mantra Enchant to seal her Magic Element. Sadly after she was drained of her Magic element she resorted to using her Last Technica "Stagnation", She told me that she couldn't escape from her frozen eternity. Before she disappeared I scolded her and she gave me a kiss and told me she was in love with me. After that I vowed to save her.
Lieselotte is a very kind and caring person and cares alot about her sister and her friends well-being. During her fights with the Trinity Seven as an Evil Mage she remained very friendly and chatty among everyone. She became more Joyful after learning that they all still care about her. After all the fighting was Settled She chose to remain loyal to my friends and I.
Lieselotte is also very poised, and very capable in battle, as well she is very self-assured in her abilities. She does have those moments where she could be overconfident and can be surprised by something unexpected. During moments like that she can become nervous or even embarrassed, but can usually regain her composure rather quickly. She is very crafty and is always calculating her opponents next move, with her Grimiores tablet she can quickly analyze her opponents weaknesses and turn their magic against them.
Her Thema is, "Stagna" in the Acedia (Sloth) Archive. She is a very enterprising individual, meaning she isn't the type to stand around doing nothing. Her Logo Arts abilities allow her to manipulate time and space to a certain degree. That ability allows her to teleport small distances instantly, thus allowing her to avoid any attack. She was able to avoid a kunai thrown by Levi (1st Waifu) at point blank range and was able to elude a Powerful magic wave from Mira. Liese can also continue to warping at a rapid speed even though it wears her body out. She can also send body parts thru different spaces in time to sneak up on anybody, even Levi.
Lieselotte is very intelligent and very proficient in analyzing her opponents. She can pinpoint an opponents weakness in a matter of seconds. She is also a very skilled tactician.
Her main ability is stealing the magic of others to strengthen herself, she usually needs to some sort of physical contact such as kissing or skin to skin contact. If she does consume too much magic from her victims, their lives could be in jeopardy. As I said before after she steals her opponents magic she can use their magic to against other rivals mages, sometimes even augmenting them with their own magic. Lieselotte is very adept as a close combat fighter, and usually uses her Logo Arts primarily for offense. She usually waits for the right moment to strike down her opponent down. With Chrono She is able to attack her enemies at all angles and avoid direct attacks and with Analyze she can analyze her opponents and use their magic against them.
Liese, You Captured my heart heart with your playfulness, perverted sense of humor and your feminine charms. I wish I lived in your world because your just perfect. I'll see you in my Dreams sometime. Until then Adieu - Your Darling Magic King
She does Which is why she's mine lol plus knowing that it's one of my favorite voice actresses is even better lol
She sure is lol I love her to pieces @hikaymm
well XD she certainly sounds like a lot to handle :P
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