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Hey everyone! Welcome to the 10th installment of my prequel fanfiction to captain Criminal minds! I'm so glad that you are all enjoying it! I promise this one will be less feelsy, but once again, i'll warn, it might be NSFW.
JJ smiled, moving the hair from her face as he stroked her cheek. "You're so beautiful Raven. In any form you take." his voice was no louder than a whisper as he began kissing her all over, removing the sports bra. When she was blue like this, she really didn't need any clothes anyway. Raven blushed, leaning into his touch and kisses. She still had no clue in the world how a handsome and sweet man like him could have fallen for her and her blue skin. It was kind of ironic really when she thought about it, how his hair matched her skin. If he stood next to her, they'd look like opposites. He was palish red brown complexed with blue hair and she was blue complexed with red hair. The phrase "opposites attract" was an understatement when looking at them. Like magic the radio began to play, and JJ slowly lead Raven around her bedroom to Nat King Cole's "The very thought of you." he sang it to her softly, glad he had inherited his singing voice from his mother. When the song was over, he kissed her passionately, pushing her down on the bed. He nipped at her neck.
"Do you want me?" he asked, his expression showing only his love and concern for her. He would never force himself on another person like Alexander peirce had in him just last year. He had tastes, yes, but he was still about free will. If she said no, he'd be content just to snuggle together. Raven let out a breathy moan as she was touched, pulling him down for another kiss. "Yes Jamie, I want you. Do you want me?" she asked, her expression that of curiosity. She knew that he was getting more aroused by the minute, but that didn't necessarily mean anything. JJ was fae. They had a slightly different anatomy. JJ kissed her lightly, smiling softly. "I do. Only if you're ready though. if not, we can just cuddle." he promised, not putting any pressure on her at all. It had never been in his personality to be pushy in subjects like these, and he loved her. He wanted this to be special. Raven smiled, pulling him down for another kiss. "I'm ready, Jamie." she reassured, already starting to unbutton his pajama top.
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@Krystalstar22 to be continued
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