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It's that time again! Let's all be unique, epic and have some fun! 뱅뱅뱅!
Big Bang holding, picking, smelling or wearing flowers.
Video or link to song file of your favorite solo track from any Big Bang member.
Video or gif of BB on Running Man
GD wearing a hat.
Picture or video from Seungri's 2015 birthday.
Picture, video or gif of something non-BIGBANG that reminds you of BIGBANG and why it reminds you of them: Haha! This is a long shot, but the Jack Off Jill song "My Cat" reminds me of something GD would do: Write an epic song about his cat!
BIGBANG nail art.
Video or gif of Daesung laughing.
Any Big Bang member with a mullet
Mint TOP.
Pictures, videos or gifs of all five members of BB getting ready backstage.
Taeyang with at least one child.
Roman soldier Chinchilla is on guard duty! I hope you all enjoyed my card!!! @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @JiyongLeo @Helixx _______________________ @ashleyemmert @defy24601
@Helixx oh yes....Jack Off Jill is one of my favorite post punk Goth core bands of the 90's. As for Detroit...mehhhhh.... 😘😘
Two things: My Cat is awesome! And Seungri is wearing a Detroit shirt... Detroit in the house, REPRESENT!!!