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I just got done with easy mode in shadow of the colossus and it was beautiful and i wanted to share my favorite colossi.
I really liked the 6th colossus just cause hes funny looking i call him the beard. Plus the fight was awesome he was a fun one to fight.
And the 16th colossus was my top favorite one just cause it took major skill and accuracy plus look at him this game push the ps2 to its limits.
I just want to share my love for the game and if you played the game whats you favorite colossi let me know.
@poojas @Fogsea7 it's great if you have a ps2 or ps3 you should play it I don't want to say to much but it's a game all about epic boss fights
Aww, I haven't played this game but the colossus in the first picture looks terrifying haha
@Captpeter Sadly I don't have either but I'll look up Let's Plays!
^^ ditto