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I love donuts. Glazed, old fashioned, french cruller, dammit I love them all.
With that being said, my love of donuts do have bounds.. and that bound may have been reached this week.
Chef Björn Delacruz, of NYC’s Manila Social Club has created the greatest donut ever: hand-coated in flakes of gold leaf small enough to catch the light, but also filled with purple ube mousse and Cristal jelly.
The price for one of those donuts: 100 bucks.
“I was drinking some champagne and eating one of our regular ube donuts, and I thought to myself, ‘This goes very well together,’” he explains in the video above. Why ube? The purple yam is from the Philippines, where Delacruz was born. Its earthy taste apparently goes well with the honey notes in Cristal.
“The concept for the donut was a pastry to celebrate the new year,” Delacruz says.
At the moment, you can purchase a dozen of the donuts for his discounted price of 1,000 dollars.
So what do you think, would you be willing to pay 100 dollars for one of these donuts?
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No thanks
2 years ago·Reply
I'm fine with a chocolate filled from Shipley's lol
2 years ago·Reply
Yes, of course!!!!! UBE!!!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
*homer Drooling *
2 years ago·Reply
I'd be happy for someone else to pay $100 for me to eat this donut
2 years ago·Reply