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BD means Backwards Day. Like when you turn on the news and learn about something that makes your blood boil over idiocy run amok! SO, when you see BD in the title of a card that I write (or that you write), it means Backwards Day.
I was catching up on some news and found this horrible story on MSN:
Anthony Ruelas, a former student at Gateway Middle School in Killeen, TX, was suspended "for leaving the classroom," in defiance of a teacher who told the teen to stay seated as an asthmatic young girl collapsed in the classroom, just desks away.
The teacher emailed the nurse about the incident and carried on, business as usual, while the young girl's body was blue and virtually lifeless. Ruelas, who lost his own father in similar circumstances when he was seven, bolted to the girl. He picked her up and marched to the nurse's office for immediate medical attention.
The good news is, the young girl received medical attention and lived.
The bad news is, Ruelas was disciplined with suspension.
And the teacher, that was blase about the whole ordeal, gets to keep her job.

WTF!?!?!?! Anyone else pissed?

THIS IS SO WEIRD. I wonder if there's pieces to the story that didn't hit the press because it just seems SO outlandish.
right?!!?!?! @BeannachtOraibh But don't go to Finland. That's where a girl was assaulted by a man that she pepper sprayed so she could escape. Turns out, pepper spray is illegal and she's going to jail. The man is free to rape another girl. Again, it's MAJOR BD today
This is sickening!
I want to fly to that school and punch the principle
Okay, I'm out. I'm leaving America to become a golden hearted pirate. You'll find me on the seven seas, saving lives.
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