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NamjoonXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst
It has been at least 2 years since the last time he saw you. You on the other hand have seen him everywhere. Mainly because he was famous and his face is just everywhere you go. It’s hard to forget about him. He didn’t look any different than the last time you saw him, maybe just his hair? You stared down at his hand that was still holding yours when he pulled you up. He followed your glance and quickly pulled away. “So… what brings you here?” He cleared his throat, breaking the silence. “Um, not much.” You answered looking away. “We should catch up. It’s been awhile.” He smiled revealing his dimples. “Yeah it has but I don’t think this is the best place to talk.” You smiled back. “And why is that?” He asked tilting his head to the side confused. “Have you forgotten about the load of fangirls heading your way. You know the ones behind you that’s going to trample in the next 3 seconds.” You pointed out as your smile got bigger at the horror expression he gave you when he realized it. Your smile disappeared when you realize you were going to be trampled with him. He quickly grabbed your wrist and bolted down the street. He didn’t know why but he took you with him, you weren’t exactly friends with him. He quickly turned into an alley way and peeked to look out for any other fangirls. He loved the Army’s but sometimes it was overwhelming with them running after him. You looked over his shoulder, curious, but you both jumped at the sound of some fans. “Hey! I think he went this way!” One of them said. “Nam-” You said but was quickly shut up by his hand over your mouth. He put his finger on his lips gesturing you to be silent. “No! Wait, he’s over there!” Another pointed to other direction. They quickly went off together to find him. He eyed her eyes and sighed, relieved that the horror of being trampled was over. You tried to speak but his hand made your words turn into muffles. When he opened his eyes, he noticed how close he was to you. Having you pressed against the wall when he shut you up. He pulled his hand away and apologized.
“Don’t worry about it.” You replied, as you were about to walk away you looked down at your heels that were now broken. You sighed and picked it up because it would be impossible to walk with broken heels. “Did I break your heels?” He asked, biting his lip. You shook your head and told him not to don’t worry about it again. You felt it break when you were running but didn’t say anything because being trampled by screaming fangirls was much worse than a broken heel. “I’m sorry.” He apologized again, brushing his now messy hair back. “I’m used to you breaking my stuff.” You laughed. “I should go.” He stated, looking at his phone. “But we should catch up when we can.” He suggested, you nodded before he left. You sighed, sliding down the wall behind you. This doesn’t happen every day. You felt your phone buzz, it was a text from your mom. Mom: How was the date? Do I have my new son in-law yet? You rolled your eyes at her ridiculous question. You: No mom, it was horrible. Mom: Well, that’s too bad. I have another date for you next Friday! You better be there. You took a minute to think about your life. You worked a pain job at the office and you were forced on blind dates almost all the time. Out of all the blind dates you’ve been to none of them worked out. Sure they were nice guys and sometimes they got a second date but never a third. You just didn’t feel the need to date. Then you started wondering if Namjoon dated anyone after you broke up, or maybe he’s dating someone now. You wouldn’t be surprised but it still hurt. You felt another buzz from your phone, it was another text but this time it wasn’t from your mom. It was from one of your co-workers asking if you could cover her shift. You agreed since you had nothing else to do. Before leaving the alley way you noticed a folded piece of paper on the ground. You picked it up, it was Namjoon’s writing. It looked like music notes, it wasn’t complete because there weren’t any lyrics written down. The title seemed to have caught your attention. “Just One Day, huh?”
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