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What do you guys think of me writing a story on Shownu and I.M?
I was watching Monsta X Right Now Ep. 2 when I got the idea. Changnu (Shownu & I.M) had to go in the Ferris wheel and then BAM it hit me! Why don't I write a Changnu story?!
Don't worry the no title story is still in the making but while that one is in the making I figured I should give y'all a story after the Jackson one is over. Does it sound like a good idea?
This is what I was thinking, I'm basically taking the atmosphere from their scene in the mission and creating a story. But I don't want to make it an Idol story like the Jackson story when they're in GOT7... I was thinking of having Shownu and I.M as high school students. Does it sound good? I can put the other MONSTA X members in there, you guys decide if I should, or I can put other idols from other groups in...such as a member of BTS, BTOB, VIXX, EXO, and so on but of course they're just normal students; let's just say those groups don't exist in the story? Of course we can't wipe KPOP off the face of the Earth😄 but if you choose an idol to be in the story then their group won't exist.
Let me know what you guys think I'd appreciate the help❤
Oh and part 11 of Jackson is being written ☺
Here is the episode that inspired this story. If you don't want to watch the full episode then start around 21:00 or 22:00 minute mark. It's basically half of the show lol.
Even if you're not a MONSTA X fan I'd still appreciate if you gave your opinion/ideas on the story.
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Monsta X!! Switching POV's would be awesome
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Omg yesss! I love Shownu :)) Adding BTS maybe?
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Please tag me when you write it!! 🙏🏻
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I want to see it!
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