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Jin: would be super excited about going to a gaming convention with you. But when he saw you were being a “Sexy” version of Princess peach he wouldn’t let you go out.
“Uhh.. Y/n.. I don’t think I want you going out like that..” 
He would try to hide how turned on he was.
Let’s just say he would be super turned on in the least. He would tease you by poking your exposed stomach. Every few minutes in the convention when he saw guys eyeing you, he would grab your hand, pull you towards him and kiss you showing the guys who you belong too.
Would be turned on and wouldn’t even hide it. He would ask you to do something for him in the bedroom and while you were doing it, he would pull off his shirt so that when you looked back at him, you were blushing, even through all the makeup you were wearing. 
“You’re so hot.. Come here. Now.”
I personally think he wouldn’t mind. He would hide how much it turned him on, but would still go out with you to the convention. When people wanted to take a picture of you, he was fine with it, but after five minutes of non-stop attention he would grab your hand “Okay.. That’s enough.” Then he would pull you and kiss you passionately.
Like Suga, he wouldn’t honestly care. He would enjoy the convention but would give disapproving silent glares at the guys that had their eyes on you. When you got back home, he would be like, “You know how much you made me wait?”
“What-” *Kisses you eagerly and hungrily*
This little bundle of joy wouldn’t even let you leave the house without changing. He knew you wanted to cosplay, and agreed to it, but once he saw that our costume was basically just a bra and panties with a silk skirt on the back, he just wouldn’t let you. “You know what y/n? I won’t let your cosplay go to waste. Want to role play?”
“What are you wearing? What are you doing..?” 
You walked closer to him and put your hands on his shoulder he looked at your lips hungrily, “This.. This is sexy” He would say before kissing you
Credits to btsfanficsandscenarios
OMG JIMIN! 😍*IMAGINING* If only you know what goes on in my head 😂
Is it me or did it just get hot in here?😥😤🔥🔥🔥
-blushes- I'm not sure i would look sexy I think ill just look wierd and it would only suprise the guys....>. <
🔥 🔥 🔥 I would tease all of them right back 😎
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