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Why do you have to be a bully :-(
Oh baby!! Do you remember how we met? I do, let me remind you
You came over to my house to tutor me in Korean and Chinese. It was a very comfortable relationship to start. We hung out so much together that we developed feelings stronger then friends and the rest is history.
At least detention isn't boring
Of course we became friends first and your humor and cuteness made me fall in love with you because you where always there to cheer me up when I was having a bad day.
Okay lets get this done quickly because I need to go home, I have to meet my tutor
Oh no! Mark your best friends with Jackson, I don't want to come between your friendship
I'll let you take me to the prom only because, I promised before I started dating Jackson. He's not happy about it but he's watching so be a good boy.
Oh yay, I have lunch with the Three Stooges. And I'm dating Larry...(still love ya Jackson)
I promise Jackson we are just friends and happen to have lockers next to each other you have my heart.