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Teen Top loves to pick on each other but I feel like especially Ljoe haha probably because he gives the best reaction.
Ljoe getting bullied cause he said his lips were the red point hahaha
trying to send a sincere birthday message. Foiled by his band mates.
Ricky how dare you tell him to not walk around topless!! shame on you!!
changjo give your hyung a break lol
yup. seems about right.
Ljoe loosing his mind for a hot second because the kids know how to push his buttons haha but in the end they love each other dearly.
Bonus: incase ya'll didn't know Ljoe is really close to Boyfriend's Lee Jeongmin (bffls) anyway Jeongmin sent Ljoe these flowers with the message saying *Byunghun-ah, Dance without insoles.* kekeke so savage trans:youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot source:@BorimLee3
don't worry though our chicken knows how to throw shade back. ;) lol xoxo angels if you want to be tagged in future cards let me know!! ps please vote for teen top in mwave poll and on show champion!! keep watching mv so we can get a special video!! cr. to original owners of gif/photos.
Yeah they are precious..my babies...lol..yes yes.. I do that too I spent lots of time watching their stuff too lol..
@luna1171 presh= precious. I literally spent an hour watching markson videos yesterday and got7 on weekly idol haha
@kkellymeyer ..presh??
@kkellymeyer aaaw like my Markson..love it. .lol
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