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So a while back, I was watching "Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End" one day and Captain Jack Sparrow's speech at the brethren court reminded me of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" when Klaw revealed a fear of his to the Maximoff twins, particularly, to Scarlet Witch. But wait! There's more...
@cullenquigley made a card titled: You'll Never Guess What People Eat At The Movies Across The Globe The card reveled that in Korea, they eat Fried Cuttlefish!! Aaaaaannnnnd...
For all my Supernatural fam, if you remember Sam's mantra in facing his fear of clowns: "If it bleeds, you can kill it." Although, it didn't work so nicely for Sam, Klaw could still follow a variation of Sam's words by trying the fried cuttlefish.
Of course I imagine Dean was the one who gave Sam his mantra, because after trying to research when he said it (7.14), I found out that it was a variation from the Govinator's words in the 1987 movie: "Predator"!
This was fun. Let's do it again some time! ( ^ω^) @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK
lol this is interesting for sure
You know what, @shannonl5 it could also be a hint to "Finding Dory"
haha oh my goodness! Is it meta? Is it movieception? Is it secret Disney advertising for a cuttlefish movie?
@BelleofRay yasssss!