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Well he can move and he is very sexy...and his voice is sweet
Sweet Suga I knew we would be buddies we have a lot in common
Everyone needs a little hope in their life, lucky to have this angel
We practiced on each other that's how close we are, but didn't feel fireworks so we knew we where only meant to stay friends
Oh Jin, your too beautiful for me, let's be friends
Not only did you steal me away from J-Hope, but you stole my heart the fire is strong with you
I'm sorry we didn't end on good terms I only want happiness for you J-Hope
We get along like siblings
You where the only one who truly understood me and accepted me for who I am. I didn't have to act in front of you I could relax and be myself. No wonder I fell in love with you and married you
Sorry brother I fell in love with your best friend, and married him.