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The Noob Experience 4
So I broke out the make up box and did something wild. I took some ideas from my lovely Vingler pals and created something interesting. I am the Mod of Supernatural and Support Head Merc in Marvel, so I wanted to create myself into a Supernatural Marvel Anti Hero! So let's look at the madness!
Super evil with a statement necklace and the color black... Does it work!?
@marshalledgar That's not a necklace, that's her collection of balls she's ripped out.
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馃槺馃槻馃槺馃槻馃槺馃槻馃槺馃槻馃槺 yikes!!!!!!!!!! @beannachtoraibh
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She wears then as a warning to all who oppose her.
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the lips and eyes are great. perfect with that black number @lavonyork. I love the statement necklace but wonder if it's too round. perhaps a different statement necklace that's spikier or Mir angular and sharp would make it more anti-hero.
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Love it! Lose the necklace though! ;) Also, random pro tip, @InPlainSight @LAVONYORK - the white necklace can offset the color of the makeup vs the chest area. We'd never wear a bright white necklace for a photo shoot OR we'd put foundation or powder on the collarbone/cleavage, etc. too. depending on costumes. ;)
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