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I saw this so I decided to give it a try @tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @InVinsyble @TylerDuso
Studio: Bones I choose this studio because I want my anime to have a similar art style to full metal alchemist brotherhood.
Genre: the genre would be action/comedy/magic high school I would choose these genres because that's something I would want to watch. Plus it would gather a large crowd of people. (Hopefully)
Setting: the setting is a magic high school where young mages learn and develop their magic. The students would be allowed to spar with one another at anytime.
Protagonist/antagonist The protagonist for this anime is Kazoku judai. He is an umbramancer, in short an umbramancer is someone who is able to use shadow magic. It is considered a form of black magic. His personality is similar to that of shikamaru. As for the antagonist I haven't got a name but this person will also be an umbramancer that will be pulling the strings of all the plot driven battles.
My role in the anime For the most part the main character has my personality just way lazy.
Title: Rise of the Shadow Mage I think this would be a fitting title given the protagonist's magic.
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I'll tag the mod correctly XD @InVinsybll
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@VoidX Oh shoot I did that incorrectly, thx for fixing my mistake
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@acduelest no problem, it's my job ;)
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awesome! I love shadow themed magic powers. I dig this a bunch
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