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What's that? Random facts? Are you SURE you want that?...well then! I'M A GIVE IT TO YOU GIRL RIGHT NOW~~ Btw totally not sorry that I used pics of my biases, enjoy!!

Fact 1. I love anime

Yup I'm crazy for it I have merch to spare. I used to watch Sailor Moon and I had a Usagi doll! But I can't really count it because I had no idea when I was a kid....until I discovered InuYasha and he became the first husband of my MANY anime men. Thank you for letting me know about the amazingness that is anime!?


Yup I'm a legit carnivore, my mom always teases me about it because nobody else in our family likes it as much as I do. Bacon is my life though it rules over chicken and steak. But hey what can I say it's tasty! Especially in burgers with guacamole and chips on the side......and I just made myself hungry.....wait...maybe this is why I'm attracted to Baekhyun??Just kidding~~

Fact 3. I like to read and collect books

I think it's hilarious every time my mom asks if I'll donate books. HAHAHAHA YEAH NO. Psh I can donate other things but my books I got from my blood sweat and tears. No really I use my tip money and I'm seriously clumsy. When I have my own house I plan on having my own personal library Beauty and the Beast style.

Fact 4. Music is my life

My dad was in some bands back in the day and honestly i find it SO SAD that I didn't inherit a single one of his talents *sigh* I always wished I could be talented enough to make music. Oh well maybe in my next life? I still love it and cannot go a day without it, it's like my headphone are glued to my head.

Fact 5. I'm the oldest of three

Yup I experience older-sibling-syndrome whenever I'm back home. Aish taking care of two younger sisters who fool around so much can be stressing but I love those weirdos too much.

Fact 6. I hate wearing dresses

For real! I'm sure my mom dies a little every time I wear skinny jeans instead of a skirt or dress but ugh I don't know what it is. They're just annoying to me.

Fact 7. I hate the color pink

JIN I AM SORRY I STILL LOVE YOOOUUUU!!! It's too girly for me and I don't like to wear it or use anything that's pink. I feel like it's a really sad version of red.

Fact 8. I love to cook and bake

Food is love, food is life!!! I love to spend my time looking up recipes for desserts and anything really. I take my time when I make it too, I really enjoy the process, the smell, and the way people react to eating good food. It makes me happy!

Fact 9. 98% of my closet is black clothes

Since the seventh grade all I've worn are black clothes. I mean sure I got some grey, dark green, red and blue but for some reason I always end up buying black clothes. That's not an issue for me because I love it. My mom finds it weird....but she got over it a long time ago since she didn't really have a choice.

Fact 10. I was a "boy"

Up until I was born my parents thought they we're expecting a boy but to their surprise I was a girl. So super last minute they name me after the nurse who assisted my mom. That's why my name is Selina! And that's also why I had to wear boys clothes for a whole year LOL

Fact 11. My fav color is blue

Despite wearing black 24/7 blue is my favorite color ever and it always surprises people.

Fact 12. I don't like beer

I prefer wine over anything else. I do have cocktails sometimes and if there really is nothing else I'll take that bottle of beer. But for the most part wine is my shiz.

Fact 13. I talk back to objects

Honestly I don't even know why I do this but whenever something doesn't work with me I end up having a one sided conversation with the object in question....I really doubt myself in those times.

Fact 14. I'm a 90's baby

YEHET repping that 94 line! Gonna be 22 this year and I still don't act my age, don't think I will for awhile lol


You Only Love Oppa, am I right?! Well except when he's the maknae but anyways you see where I'm going with this! It's been official for a long time but thanks to my BTS babes I have been introduced to the never ending hip thrusting, hair dying, eye liner wearing and slaying dance machine that is kpop. OH MY STRESS SAY WHAT YOU WANT SAY WHAT YOU WANT but I ain't ever going back so no need to call the doctor on my overdose.
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@VKookie47 😂😂😂😂😂😂eh? who knows
@VKookie47 I talk to inanimate objects all the time, at work we have this machine that is like 30 years old and dying.....but my boss refuses to admit it and so when it acts up I have to talk to it to make it know it's loved lol I'm such a weirdo.... that library tho....that is real and it should be in everyone's house
No lie that was me too! talking to the old freezer at work when it would refuse to open😮 @LilySilver
same with all my clothes are black
My favoirte color is blue also and I literally have my own bookcase in my house XD