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Young Sasuke vs Natsu Who would win?
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natsu would win
2 years ago·Reply
in a fight of just strictly fire natsu would win but if sasuke were able to use all his powers i think it would be a tie......and @simplynick he did eventually did eat the fire but only after rejecting all his magic power out of his body he ate the so called God fire and got a new power
2 years ago·Reply
Well fire is Natsu's thing but against Sasuke in a all out fight....... Rest in peace Natsu The Dragon Slayer Jk but seriously I love em both
2 years ago·Reply
Well if it was their current age then nastu but if it was Sasuke from the great ninja wear or even later than him since he has more than just fire and could use his sword and electricity
2 years ago·Reply
@DamianWalker in a fire match, yea....but in a real fight.....NO!!
2 years ago·Reply