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Recently in Korea there has been an increasing trend of pregnancy before marriage. Usually those attract a lot of media attention. The most recent case is Jihyun - a former member of old school idol group Jewelry! The article from allkpop gives an overview: On May 8, her label revealed, “She’s currently pregnant, and she’ll be giving birth in October. She’s currently focused on her pregnancy.” This news is surprising because when she got married back on March 24, her label stated that her marriage was not a shotgun wedding. However, a close person to Lee Ji Hyun revealed, “She was pregnant while preparing for her marriage, so she was careful during the preparation. Right now, she’s taking care of herself at home for her pregnancy.” Lee Ji Hyun served as one of the original members of Jewelry before leaving the group in 2006 to pursue an acting career. Do you think this is a good trend? Personally, I have nothing against pregnancy before marriage, as long as both parties take responsibility (and get married!) But I wouldn't want to see more cases in the future because 1. I don't believe it's the 100% right thing to do and 2. It attracts bad media impressions and the girl always gets criticized - which is really bad for her if she's pregnant, you know. What do you guys think?
We need to mind our own business and let people live their lives the way they choose as adults. I don't care to see young people not married before starting a family but they did the right thing and got married. What they do in the Us is not right but it's their choice. God Bless her and her new little one..
hmmm maybe people will stop caring about it if there are many more cases to come. Like in US, the media doesn't make a big deal out of it anymore. Different perspective.