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I love this, but this is not 1.
1. Pic/gif/vid of at least one member holding, picking, smelling, or wearing flowers.
This one is for @Helixx...
2. Video or link of a favorite solo track of any member.
I couldn't decide so I chose both - Daesung's Cotton Candy and Rainy Rainy.
3. Video/gif of at least 2 members on Running Man.
4. GD wearing a hat.
I chose pic 1 for @helixx!
5. Pic/video from Seungri's 2015 Birthday.
6. Pic/video/gif of something non-BigBang related that reminds me of them and why.
Whenever I watch any sort of medical drama, I'm reminded of the Alive album as well as pics of seaweed. Pikachu reminds me of T.O.P because when asked which Japanese actor he wanted to work with the only thing he could think of was Pikachu.
7. BigBang nail art.
Does it count if the members are wearing the nail art? Yeah, didn't think so. I love the Krunk art.
8. Video/gif of Daesung laughing.
Here is a compilation of him laughing as well as other cute moments. I like the laughing footage when he's rejected by the chick.
9. Pic/gif/video of any member with a mullet.
Again, @Helixx this is for you - look who rocked a mullet when he was just a wee thing. And lest we forget Daesung's back in 2007. I added the Dirty Cash video so you can really see it in action.
10. Mint T.O.P
Of course I had the find the pix where he looked absolutely the coolest. Haha.
11. Pic/vid/gif of all 5 members getting ready backstage.
This is from the Big Show behind the scenes.
12. Pic/vid/gif of Taeyang with one child.
Well, there you have it folks.
Now to tag the Mod Squad:
and 2 others - @terratoyasi and @bbxgd
omg you too...@helixx did you trigger this? haha
@helixx Him wearing that sweater is sooo random along with those white glasses.
So many things about this card that I love, especially all the things you picked out just for me! Sending GD over with flowers is a sure why to get on my good side. ;) But, GD on the toilet is by far the best thing you could give me! I'm so amused by it. The Dae video made me laugh quite a bit. I adore his antics. And thank you for including the M/V for Dirty Cash. I love that song. The video is so much fun, and can we just take a minute to notice TOP's Cosby sweater?
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