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miracles do happen
hey guys!!! so my computer was down for like the past 5 days, and i had no connection to the internet or anything korean. well the only thing i had was the Arirang channel on t.v. So i was watching the latest episode of After School Club with R.P(Royal Pirates). I've heard of them in the past but really i only heard their song Drawing the Line and i never really payed much attention to them, until i watched them on ASC and OMG !!! they are amaze balls!!!! i especially like Moon and when i heard their song Run Away i was hooked. soyes now im looking up all their songs. i heard a few on ASC but can't remember the names, if anyone got recommendations it would be much appreciated!!!
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just discovered them 2 days ago they're awesome
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@danyeljules41 yes they are awesome....the best part is that they all can speak english!!! well James (keyboards) is from LA and Moon (singer/guitar) and Sooyoon(drums) is from korea but they lived in the states for over 20 years!!!
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