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I got tagged by↠ @VeronicaArtino on this lovely card. Below are the link to the original cards made by @AimeeH ▶▷▷I can only said ...I was ♡blessed♡ by the results I had. Even TOPi is not in any of the result... but I am still so happy... and you will see why↧↧↧↧
Here is my Best Friend GD
Which I also had a crush
He also write this song called↝love song↜ for me ( ▶ I hate this love song...I hate this love song..... ) I love he even more.
After that song he wrote...we fall in love, he become my boy friend.
The jealous Taeyang come aboard (Singing ↝I need a girl↜)
Take me to a weekend cruise... try to convince me to breakup with GD..( While singing ↝Please look at me only↜)
and at the same time I got a secret admirer... Daesung...(wow... this ship is going to sink...)
I was so frustrated and struggling between Taeyang and GD Daesung decided to take me out... we had too much Soju...things got a little out of hand....(He was singing ↝Stay↜) I did stay.
And Oops.... I got baby on the way and Daesung is the Dad.
GD found out... he decide to forget and we got married....such a happy ending and he also wrote a song called ↝Lier↜ it was a great hit!!! ♡♡♡♡The End♡♡♡♡ @Helixx @Kwonofakind @jiyongleo @catchyacrayon
I love this. I married the BFF taeyang. we our bffs....we should totally have couples night and raise each other kids as bffs
wow that story was perfect! such a great ending.
This is such a great story. I'm so happy for you.
Haha Yes!
@AimeeH Yes... I noticed him very well.... with his gorgeous face 😍😍😍😍
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