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so I finally finished death note and omfg it was soooo good like damn that plot twist at the end i seriously thought that light was going to win and i was hoping that too. #teamkira but tbh i give it a 10/10 really enjoyed it but now im sad because theres no 2nd season *sobs*
I was so pissed at the end with the way light died. near shoulda at least died too that little fucker
@ShinigamiSan @suzettecaramaya 馃槺 I hate Light!! He killed my sweet baby L!! He's gone gone because that red eyed two toned bitch killed him!!! I can keep going on but I won't
It really is sad. I hoped I was going to win too. Good to see another who's on my side :)
Light makes a cameo in Death Parade. You should watch that next.
@suzettecaramaya I will not chill!!! My sweet baby L馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
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